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Hello. I'm Goldy Benedict.

I write stuff to help brands sell and grow.

And you right now are strolling in my little copywriting agency called Slick Copy.
[Did you feel the velvety texture when your tongue caresses the pallet as you softly say (whispering in your left ear) — Slick?]

Anyway. So I’ve been writing professionally for a demi decade now.

It includes a stint as a journalist and creating content for radio. But mostly strategizing and writing content and copies. (I also ghostwrite love letters for people to make their darlings fall for them.*)
And right now I'm based in Canada learning and exploring how to build badass brands.

Till now I've helped brands drive traffic, get qualified leads, built authority, and sell stuff with ridiculously slick words. ​And perhaps, now it's your turn.
​Ready to make your customers fall for your brand? Just say Slick and gently pat that button.

*No payments accepted for letters, just whiskey.

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