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Hello there. I'm Goldy Benedict. I write stuff to help brands sell and grow.


And you right now are strolling in my little creative agency called Slick Copy. (Did you feel the velvety texture when you roll your tongue and softly say ― Slick?)

Anyway. So I’ve been writing professionally for almost a demi decade now. That's a quarter of my life. I've always found that
 words are magical. They have magic that can make you think, make you chuckle, fall in love, like a brand, raise an army of fans, and even take actions like coughing up money. (Admen call this magic copywriting.)

So after a stint as a sidekick journalist and creating content for a national radio station, I started helping brands with my metaphorical wizardry. 

Currently, I work with a software company helping them create and manage content. Till now I've helped brands drive traffic, boost leads, built authority, improve conversion, and drop jaws — all with ridiculously slick words. 

And now... it's your turn.

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